1. tomx2x's Avatar

    I have a LG e420 v4.1.2 jellybean. As I stated in my title, the music playlists after 2-3 weeks gets deleted.
    I create my playlist using LG PC Suite software, selecting “Transfer to device" option to upload my playlist from my PC to Android.
    Playlist are stored on my SD memory card. Plenty of memory available.
    To retrieve my lost playlists, I use the import function from “Backup playlist” software.
    When turning on my mobile, I always get the messages “Media files scan” and Media scan completed”.

    But it gets frustrating having to import my playlists so often. I was told if my battery gets lower
    than 30% that may cause playlists to disappear, but tested that theory and did not seem to happen.

    Is my phone communicating with my sd memory card properly?

    Any ideas what could be happening?

    08-25-2014 01:39 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Are these playlists the actual music files, or are do you already have all of your music files on your external SD card, and the playlist is the list of tracks to be played?

    If the latter, have you tried transferring the playlists to your internal storage instead of the external SD card?
    08-25-2014 02:47 PM
  3. tomx2x's Avatar
    It's the latter as you specified. I have 8 playlist having multiple music tracks.
    My internal storage is quite full so I purchase an SD memory card to hold my playlists.
    To free up space, I probably could move some of my files from the IS to the SD card, and transfer my playlist to the IS, but I still would like to find out why my playlist gets deleted on my SD card.
    08-26-2014 08:28 AM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    How big is the playlist file? If it's only a list of songs, rather than the songs themselves, then I would imagine the filesize would be pretty small.
    08-26-2014 06:41 PM

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