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    I have a Gingerbread (CM7) phone that enables me to change the IP address with which the phone connects to the router, but on my newer phone (stock Jellybean, 4.2.2), I have the same option under wifi settings, but I cannot change it as it's greyed out. Is there anything I can do to be able to change the IP address? (without having to root the phone)
    10-24-2014 08:21 PM
  2. railkill's Avatar
    you should be able to manually assign your preferred IP address even without root. maybe your router is assigning a static IP to your phone, so you can't change it?
    10-24-2014 09:36 PM
  3. andoru's Avatar
    Thanks for the answer. Where can I assign the IP? The router assigns IPs on a "first come, first served" basis, I have no ability to set the IP from within the router's settings.
    I forgot to mention earlier that the "greyed out" option is in Settings > Wi-Fi > Menu Button > Advanced Settings, it's right under MAC address. And I was wrong, it's not grayed out, it allows me to select it, but no edit dialogue pops up.
    10-24-2014 10:16 PM
  4. andoru's Avatar
    10-26-2014 10:44 PM

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