1. AC Question's Avatar
    How do I turn off the vibration when muting my Android 4.1.2 phone?

    There are other instances when it vibrates as well (holding the home butten, power down, ..). Is there maybe an option to disable virbations completley?
    12-29-2015 02:01 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Which phone? Usually, you can go to Settings>Sounds and turn off Vibration there. There should be a setting for Vibrate When Ringing, as well as a separate setting for vibration when tapping the navigation buttons. The vibrate with keypress on the keyboard is in another section--go to Settings>Language & Input​, select your keyboard, and look for the Haptic Feedback settings.
    12-29-2015 02:15 AM

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