1. Vinsensius24's Avatar
    Hi everyone, I am new in this site. And not fluent with English, but I need help. It was quite confusing matter. My phone 3 days ago just suddenly hang. It started when I trying to play a song in music library. But then, it lagged aka hang. So, I wait a bit then pop message said to close or wait not responding music app. So I pick wait, but after while it pop up again so I try close it. Then everything goes black, I can't turn back even just back to home screen. 1 only thing usually can fix this is by restart the phone. But, pressing power button won't show shutdown option so I try hold it to force shutdown. After that, I restart phone and open music app again and found music list is empty. Then i just realized that my sd card is not detected anymore, maybe that sd card is not attached firmly I think. But, phone storage is not detected too when I open storage setting. That confuse me for while, so I go for another restart. But usual restart wont do. I must go to recovery mode, then choose "install package from" to force open selection between phone storage and sd card. I can see my files from here. And back to restart. So everytime I can acces sd card from phone I must repeat this step. So far everything back to normal, I can play music, play cached game or watch saved video. But then, everytime I try to download by any downloader app it just went fail. I have good connection and free storage. And, now I cant delete or copy or making changes in my sd card files. I try to google some useful info, and found something like ability of sd card to read and write. It says in some error case sd card may lose those ability, so it need to reformatted. Then I give it a try, I copy all sd card files to pc then format it and copy all files back to sd card again. It worked, but for awhile. I try to update app but it end up with error massage like no connection or try again. I think it was caused by this "cant write error". Next day, it still error like this. If my sd not detected, I do recovery mode, open "install package from" to open sd card folder then restart. I just try factory reset and reinstalling os, I hope it fix my phone. But, it wasnt. If u guys know more than me for what problem I really face here. Please, I need ur enlightenment. Thanks for reading, I hope your answer. My phone is Oppo R2001 with Visipro 32gb, android 4.2.2.
    04-20-2017 01:35 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! If the Internal Storage is affected as well, then it's not just a problem with the SD. When you say you did a factory reset and reinstalled the OS, do you mean that you only did the factory data reset, or that you also manually flashed the stock ROM again?

    Do the problems also happen in Safe Mode? How to turn on safe mode on Oppo R2001 Yoyo
    04-20-2017 06:41 PM

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