03-27-2014 04:08 PM
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    You have no clue what you're talking about. Please stop blindly defending. Its disgusting.
    Bleh. Drop the condescending pejoratives. Going after the person doesn't make your argument stronger.

    1. SMS has nothing to do with the phone number verification.
    That was my point. Note the quote of yours I replied to SPECIFICALLY reads: "This is Google's reason for putting SMS into Hangouts." Since, as you admit, SMS has nothing to do with number verification, your reason #1 why Google put SMS into hangouts (to verify your number) is now defunct.

    It's always been there to allow you to auto match people's phone number to Google Profiles (note the exact wording there, I've tested it)... If you would click on a phone contact Hangouts would search Google's database to see if their email address or phone number was registered to any Google Accounts, and then suggest the Hangouts contacts instead.
    So? In my judgment, Hangouts (data) messaging is better than SMS in any case. But if you disagree, that's not a problem either. I think you're forgetting that you don't even need a Google account to use an Android phone or Hangouts for SMS - you can just skip the Google account setup. No one is forcing you to do anything. The problem is that we think we can use a bunch of free services and then whine about the provider using for business the information we freely give them and agree to. If you don't like what Google is doing, you don't have to use Google.

    2. Everyone knows you can use a Google Voice number, however it will match if the other person is called from that Google Voice number and that number is tied to any Google Accounts or Google+ Profiles.
    The reason it's important that one can use their Google Voice number isn't that the other person can see that in their caller ID, it's that Google already knew that my Google voice number was associated with me before they did any verification through Hangouts, and so I didn't give them any additional personal information by verifying THAT number.

    Google stores your phone numbers in your Google Account, non-removable, with the matching turned on by default.
    I agree with you that the number should be removable. There does seem to be a way to sort of disassociate it with your account, however. I went ahead and confirmed my real cell number with Hangouts on my phone, then I confirmed the cell number with a *different* Google account. This took it off from the original account on the Hangouts app, but NOT from my Google account when accessed through a browser. This behavior makes me think that the online stuff is residue, and they need to fix the code. But yes, for the moment, it remains annoying.

    Profile pictures are stored in PWA as Public without the option to make them private.
    Except that you can simply delete your profile picture or choose not to have one at all.

    3A. The Feature is Opt-In by default and the option to Opt-Out is buried in settings, which is part of the problem. It should not be Opt-In by default. It should be off with the option to turn it on.
    If it were, very few people would go and turn it on - not because they don't want to, but because they wouldn't get around to it. It would therefore defeat the purpose. With an opt-out, people have to actively do something if they don't want it to show. Google chose to use inertia in its favor rather than against itself, and that's an understandable business decision, whether one likes it or not.

    4. No, you're handing your number to them, through verification. No where does it say anything about your profile picture being flashed on someone's phone, among other things.
    Yes, it does. The Hangouts confirmation box clearly states that the number is used by Caller ID by Google.

    Hangouts disappointment-hangouts-confirm.png

    The link to 'more info' has another link to explain what caller ID by Google is, and it clearly spells out that an image will appear with the caller ID name if available. According to that same support page (as well as this CNET article), Caller ID by Google is not yet turned on for individuals (that part says "coming soon"), only businesses. I imagine Google is hashing out exactly the issues we're talking about here before applying it to individual accounts.

    Google Voice also doesn't allow you to remove all phone numbers from your account, shut it down, or remove it from your account either.
    Yes, it does allow you to simply delete your Voice number. And it's rather simple, too.

    Hangouts disappointment-gv-delete.png
    12-01-2013 11:04 AM
  2. Ricardo S's Avatar
    it SUCKS BIG TIME. I hope Google fix this SOON
    03-27-2014 04:08 PM
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