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    This is a UI/UX improvement suggestion for an Android feature, so if Google picks it up, Cyanogen Mod or anyone really, its free for the taking.

    If you own an Android chances are you don't use Face Unlock, some of you won't use it for security reasons but I know most of you won't because its just too damn inconvenience to use in real life.

    Current problems with Face Unlock:
    * It takes too long for the camera to open, realize who you are and unlock.
    * At night every Face Unlock is a gamble mostly you'll wait a sec or two for a failure notice then proceed to the Pin/Pattern unlock method.
    * At night if there's no light the camera will not turn on but you still need to wait for it to proceed to Pin/Pattern method.

    Suggested improvements:
    * transparently overlay the pattern unlock method with the Face Unlock method while discarding of the Pin unlock method.
    * If the user is in a hurry he could just pattern unlock immediately.
    * If the camera didn't recognize his face it fades to black emphasizing the Pattern unlock method.
    * If its too dark for the camera to launch the Pattern Unlock will already be waiting for input.

    P.S I love Face Unlock it compliments the double tap to unlock in the LG G2 and it also serves as a reality mirror to check how messed up your face is and go like arrggg I need more sleep.
    So please save your lectures on competing lock screens or security concerns.

    Thanks for reading
    11-03-2013 03:43 PM

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