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    Just installed KK on my N4 yesterday, and loaded up the N5 launcher as well. Installation went smoothly, and everything seems to work fine. But...

    1. Bad choice for default 'notification hiding' behavior. I have a Spider Solitaire app that I like which hides the notification bar. I never knew why it did that, but now I do. When you go to drag a whole stack of cards, you essentially have to swipe down from the top of the screen. In Kit Kat, this brings back the notification bar, and the second swipe opens the notification shade. This behavior renders the game unplayable. Yeah, if you wait a few seconds after each swipe, the notification bar vanishes and you can get in another one, but really... I assume the new hiding API's allow you to hide the NB completely so this doesn't happen, but who's going to code to KK right away and lose the ability for their app to run on 90+% of Android devices. The default behavior for a new variant of an existing API should be what the old behavior was. Or at least KK should detect that the app was coded to an earlier API level and default appropriately for that app.

    2. I'm okay with Google Now on the launcher screen, but there's a problem. When you're scrolling around in, say, a newsreader app, occasionally you will accidentally launch Now via the 'swipe up from the home button' method. Under Jelly Bean, this wasn't a big problem. Just hit the back button and you're back where you were. Under the new KK launcher, though, this takes you to Now on the home screen, and the back button does nothing. You have to hit the multitask button and reactivate your app. Major pain. There are apparently two versions of Google Now on the system. One is a stand-alone app, used when you enable the Jelly Bean launcher, and the other is just part of the new launcher. As long as they're maintaining that, why not use the stand alone version for swipe up activations? If that gesture is not going to go away, then it's no longer going to work well.

    3. This one's just weird. The old 'New and Weather' widget is not resizeable, and it's available in just one size. But that size is 4x1 with the Jelly Bean launcher enabled, and 3x1 with the Kit Kat launcher. What's with that?

    4. My pet peeve. They still haven't enabled any kind of multi-user access for phones. Not even a simple guest mode. C'mon folks - the capability's been there for 2 releases now, why can't they figure out a reasonable way to use it on a phone?
    11-23-2013 09:36 AM

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