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    Has anyone noticed some double entries for contacts in Hangouts? Example: I have a friend who has a Yahoo email address and a cell number listed as a single contact in "People" as well as my online gmail address book. However, when I go to send a sms and pick her, it picks up the entry without the cell # and gives me an invalid message.
    Interestingly, my wife as 2 email addresses (1 of them gmail) and 4 phone numbers. When I pick her (which initially shows her non gmail address) she is added to the send list and I cab then clink on her and choose the gmail address for sending via hangouts or one of the phone numbers for sending a SMS. My daughter has a Yahoo address and a cell number. Trying to add her forces a send via hangouts even though she has no gmail address and I cannot change it to a SMS. It just does not recognize her cell #.

    Anyone find a fix if this is happening to them?

    Update: I force stopped the app. cleared data and cache and reverted to the original. Works fine now, but I noticed I am not signed in to my gmail account. I am reluctant to sign in as I suspect that is when all the problems emerge. Actually, it doesn't let me sign in anyway. I tap the account in the Hangouts settings and nothing happens.
    12-08-2013 11:39 AM

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