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    I know a lot of people give ISIS grief because it has become the symbol of how carriers in the US can limit the use of the devices on their respective networks. ISIS is bad while Wallet is good. Before you write off ISIS, consider the following things if you are able to use ISIS this holiday season.
    -ISIS just got updated to be compatible with KitKat. Under the Tap & Pay menu in settings, you can choose between ISIS or Wallet to be your default Tap & Pay program. Before the update, you would have to uninstall Wallet in order to use ISIS.
    -ISIS is restricted to a few credit cards, but you can sign up for American Express Serve. It is AMEX's version of a debit card. If you sign up, you get $10 for free. It does have fees but if you add Serve to ISIS, the monthly fee is waived. I also believe it is free to transfer money into the account from a debit card or a checking account. You can also set it up so that it will automatically transfer money from your debit card as needed. Wallet charges a fee for debit card transfers but checking account transfers are free.
    -Right now, until January 31st 2014 I think, American Express Serve will give you 20% back on purchases up to a total of $200. I have received nearly $100 dollars back myself. All you need to do is use ISIS to pay for things and in a day or two, you should get a credit on your Serve account.
    -There are some good coupons out right know for ISIS. There is a $15 off of $30 or more at Toys R Us. You can get a free small smoothie or juice from Jamba Juice. No purchase required for that one. There is also a deal for Coca Cola Rewards. Also if you use ISIS at Verizon, you get a one time $10 credit.

    So, if you can get ISIS to work, give it a try even for the short term because there are a lot of deals out for it.
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    12-19-2013 01:25 PM

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