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    I just got a Motorola Moto X with Android 4.4. I set up my work's Exchange Server account on my phone and it syncs email correctly. However, most calendar events are missing. The calendar events that do appear on my phone begin to duplicate every time the phone syncs to the server. These duplicates do not appear when I access my calendar online or on my laptop.

    The only trend I see is that any event added after I got my new phone will sync and then duplicate. Older events either do not sync at all, or do sync but then don't duplicate.

    Touchdown does work correctly, but I also use Google Calendar so I need all my events to be access by the Android's native calendar application, so Touchdown is not the solution for me.

    I have already done the following with no success:
    1. Deleted and re-created the Exchange account on my phone.
    2. Logged into the web interface for my work's owa server and deleted extra devices/phones configured to sync to the server (based on this thread: Duplicate email/calendar/contacts for Exchange ... | T-Mobile Support)
    3. I have already cleared data and caches in my calendar apps, then re-synced.

    Any advice? It's a massive bummer for a scheduling bug like me not to have access to a reliable calendar.

    Help help.
    01-15-2014 11:17 AM
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    In an annoyance-driven determination rage, I went back and re-did all of the steps in this post:Duplicate email/calendar/contacts for Exchange ... | T-Mobile Support

    The one thing I hadn't considered was deleting all other non-gmail email accounts, so this time just for the frig of it I also deleted my hotmail account, then cleared all the calendar app data, email caches, and THEN added my work's Exchange server. Joy of joy: All my calendar events are synced and THEY ARE NOT DUPLICATING.

    Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to go outside and do twenty back flips. Suck it, Kitkat! IN YOUR FACE!!!
    01-15-2014 11:43 AM

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