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    I have a Nexus 4 with 4.4.2 ad would like to sync my work exchange mail, calendar and contacts with my phone.

    The issue is that my work has Mobile Iron installed

    What is the best way to bypass this and have all items mentioned above sync'd? It is important for me to have the exchange contacts in my native contact file on phone

    Thanks in advance for the help
    02-15-2014 03:15 PM
  2. Carpon's Avatar
    PS I use Mail+ on my iPhobe that works fine but still does not grab the contacts

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    02-16-2014 01:19 AM
  3. Speeddemonrs's Avatar
    NICE - the guy states he needs his contacts and you graciously reply he can do something that will not use his contacts ~ why did you bother?
    06-25-2014 01:58 PM
  4. bondsbw's Avatar
    Well it was the same guy, so...
    12-03-2014 12:27 PM

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