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    As a preface, I'm using a non-rooted N5.

    Is anybody having issues with the talk-back function of Google Now? Overall, it is working for me (ie, when I say "OK Google" the search comes up and I'm able to give a command), but after I give the command, I used to get talk back. Like, for instance, if I wanted to send a text to someone I'd say "OK Google, send a message to [Contact]," then Google would ask me "What's the message?" and so on. But now, when I say that, it says on the screen "What's the message?" and I can dictate and still send, but there's no voice interaction. So everything works as far as the process, just without voice feedback.

    Similarly, when I do a voice search, there's no voice response for that either. For instance, it used to be that you could ask "what does the fox say" and she'd respond with whatever. I did this yesterday, and there was just a list of links for the "what does the fox say" music video.

    Has anybody else seen this? At first, I thought maybe it was a bluetooth thing, where the voice response was playing through my bluetooth headset rather than the phone, but I've tried it with bluetooth off and no dice. I've also made sure the app volume is turned all the way up. Let me know if there's anything else I'm missing.
    03-06-2014 08:28 AM

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