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    I have looked for this question for months, been all over google, and asked everyone I knew that had the Galaxy s4 if this were possible. I do not know if this is the correct spot to post this at, but I'm going to give it a shot. Every phone that I have ever had since the dawn of time allowed you to hit either the up, or down, volume button on your phone to silence incoming notifications and phone calls. I, for the life of me, have not figured out how to make this work on the s4. As it stands, I have to unlock my phone and drag down the notification bar for it to shut up. This is entirely too much, which is why I tend to leave my phone on silent so I don't have to deal with it, but I'm tired of missing calls and such so is there NO way I can silence my incoming notifications with the touch of a button??? Any information would be appreciated. Thank you!
    03-19-2014 06:45 PM

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