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    Hey everyone!

    So I tried looking this up and I can't seem to find someone with the same problem as me... So I figured I'd ask! Here is the problem:

    I have a gs4, running stock Kitkat. When I listen to music and I try to unlock my screen, the music pauses for about 3 seconds and then it glitches for 1 or 2 seconds before returning to normal (by glitching I mean it does things like randomly playing on the phone speaker or dimming down the volume). This happens only when I'm using headphones. I've tried 3 different headsets, I've tried stock music player, Pandora, Winamp, beat and poweramp and they all do the same. Music playback is otherwise fine. I've tried doing a factory reset to no avail. I've also tried disabling notifications just to make sure it wasn't that. I've also read in another thread that it could be voice control which is not activated on my phone so can't be that either... In short, I'm really confused as to why it does that... Anyone has any ideas?

    03-30-2014 03:54 PM

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