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    I am using the above rom on htc hd2 -native SD.It is working fine. I can use USB tethering and Portable Wi-Fi hotspot without any hassle.
    But , I find that despite making my Wap2 PSK connection Set up as secure as under :
    SSID: AndroidAP
    Security: Wap2PSK
    when the device( laptop/smartphone) connects to portable Wi-Fi , it never asks for password which it should ask as set up is secured. Rather it shows the name as .AndroidAP(open) and directly connects without asking for the secured password that I entered in the Setup.
    Being a novice I fail to understand how it is so and what I should do to make the connection secure so that it asks for the password before connecting as in respect of other secured Wi-Fi connections.
    My service provider is Vodafone and I use 3g card.
    Please help!
    04-19-2014 01:39 PM

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