1. carnut965's Avatar
    I'm an Android newbie and hoping this config can be accomplished. I've connected to my work MS Exchange server based email/calendar/contacts. I have the main calendar "Exchange", which also has a sub-calandar "ABC". I have not found a way to be able to view "ABC" calendar only. I can see events from both. But, can not color code them separately. I've tried several Calendar apps from the store without luck. The issue seems to be with the Galaxy S5 account config. To re-state, I would like to be able to:
    - View either calendar independently
    - View events color coded by calendar

    04-21-2014 09:19 PM
  2. tube517's Avatar
    K-9 is the one I'd recommend. If you want to spend money, Touchdown is supposedly another option. It's expensive for an app, so I've never used it.
    04-22-2014 05:26 PM
  3. carnut965's Avatar
    FYI...looks like this is a 'bug', refer to: Issue 68584 - android - Android 4.4 Exchange ActiveSync Multiple Calendar Events Bug - Android Open Source Project - Issue Tracker - Google Project Hosting
    Also, I installed TouchDown app (trail version) and confirmed it DOES show events from both of my Exchange calendars and you CAN select either calendar or both to view. Calendar specific color coding of events is not available.
    04-25-2014 10:12 AM
  4. Chasfenner's Avatar
    I use SolCalendar to sync and manage my exchange cal, yahoo cal, gmail cal, samsung cal, and others and it works great for me. It does have different color options although I am not sure now it works as I let it do the default for that.
    Good Luck!
    04-25-2014 07:14 PM

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