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    After reading all of the reviews and holding out for months by denying the download of 4.4.2 I eventually received the download, I postponed it for as long as I could then eventually I realized this was a losing battle.

    I took the advice of a guru and before I updated to 4.4.2 I removed my SD card and restarted, updated, restarted a couple of times, then I powered down and put the SD card back in.
    I did not experience any of the issues that everyone is facing, this is probably due to leaving the SD card in during the update.

    I still have majority control over the files, the camera still writes to my default DCIM Folder on the SD card, I can still move files around with the OS functions, I can save an image from email or messaging and then move it from the internal storage to the SD card like before and so far have not experienced any SD card issues.

    There are some issues with not being able to hide unwanted applications, I found a quasi-solution to that, after you tap the Apps button, you can create a “New Folder”, then drag all of the unwanted apps to that folder, they will be there and still function and can be accessed by tapping that folder, it opens up and they are all there, so if there are ones you don’t want to look at or want to hide, that works, if you are like me, less is more, I do not want my phone cluttered with items I do not use, it is not a scoreboard, he with the most apps does not win.

    Now to the issue I am unhappy with, prior to the 4.3 version there were no annoying banner messages on my lock screen, I may be strange but this defeats the purpose of a lock screen, I want mine to be actually locked, the only notification’s I want to see are the tiny icons in the upper part of the screen, with 4.3 they were there without any option except to turn off notifications completely, at least the option was there to turn off the preview, what individual thought that idea was brilliant, once again defeating the purpose of a lock screen entirely.

    4.3 did have an alternative, the App “Lock Screen Policy”, that enabled one to turn off the banner notifications.

    However 4.4 (KitKat) has once again made my life miserable, the aforementioned app no longer stops the banner pop ups, so when I turn my phone on and want to only see the lock screen with the clock I now have a screen filled with ugly yellow notification banners showing me the missed calls and messages, usually so many I can’t even see the clock.

    I have spent a great deal of time with Samsung Live Chat and have been informed that this is unchangeable and is now policy to ensure that the notifications are present, so they found a way around the “Lock Screen Policy” App

    So my question to all of you is have you found a way to disable this function to what I would prefer which is the simple little icon at the top of the screen indicating I have a new message or missed call.

    I don’t understand why this is policy now, what happened to the days when the consumer had options, I can tolerate many things but this one is a deal killer, are there any cell phone OS systems that allow me control of the phone without rooting, I really do not want this phone now and I am prepared to spend the money to get one that I will have the option to control my usage.
    04-26-2014 05:27 PM
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    Are you sure your issues with the lockscreen banners are with 4.4 in general and not with the Samsung TouchWiz? You mention Samsung live chat so I'm assuming a Samsung device with TouchWiz.

    The lockscreen viewable items on the Moto X are configurable, apps that can display notifications show up in the active notifications settings area, and they can be configured to show or not.
    04-26-2014 08:55 PM
  3. mitsubishiman's Avatar
    You are correct and I apologize for not stating my phone is a Samsung S4 SCH-970

    I contacted Samsung via email, and the response was a pre-scripted answer, I cannot turn off the missed call and new text message banner notifications on the lock screen, this is the new standard and it is unchangeable, they actually stated the following if I wanted to turn off the lock screen widgets altogether, this was the response;

    You can turn off the lock screen widgets by performing the below steps:

    From the home screen touch Apps or Menu > Settings > My device/Device > Lock screen > Uncheck Multiple widgets option.

    Ironically on my lock screen the option "Uncheck Multiple Widgets Option" is not there, so apparently they didn't bother to actually look at my model and I anticipate it was a computer generated answer

    Lock Screen notifications and other information-screenshot_2014-04-27-14-10-34.jpg

    So I have determined that I need to go phone shopping, I think I will seek an alternative OS or look into rooting, sad when as simple as offering an option I am forced to assume that they have decided that they will just make me accept the protocol and live with it, fortunately it is actually my phone and unless the consumer continually states that they are unhappy with that protocol they will have to find out the hard way when sales drop off and they become just another player instead of a leader.

    If anyone would like to respond as to their experience with another vendor, I would appreciate your input as to one that allows me to control the functions instead of continuously losing them, IMHO we are going backward not foreword.
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    04-27-2014 03:43 PM
  4. hallux's Avatar
    As I noted in my first response, my Moto X allows me to configure what apps will display in the Active Display feature (similar to your banners I imagine), including a single checkbox to turn the feature off completely.

    04-27-2014 07:50 PM

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