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    I recently made the switch back to Android (GS5) after three long years of having an iPhone. There is functionality that is missing and I've been scourging all over the internet in search for a better app than stock.

    I'm looking for the following features in a mail app. I can care less if it looks like Apple's mail program:
    - everything that Android mail includes
    - Allow to see what messages have been replied to or forwarded from the mail list (so annoying that this is not included in stock app)
    - Memorization of previous contacts used when sending out messages. For example, if I start a new message, I'd like to type in a few letters and it would automatically suggest what e-mail to input..without having to create a contact every time I message a new customer.

    It seems impossible to find a mail program that has all three. Anyone have any suggestions? I tried so many already but too many to try all of them. Thanks.
    05-10-2014 09:21 PM

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