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    I am using a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (T-Mobile), not rooted. I had been running android version 4.3 and using App Ops, starting it via the app "App Ops Starter." Last night I found out how to check for a software update and for some reason I went ahead and did it. It seems to have worked, as it says I'm on 4.4.2 now and I can see some small differences. Based on what I had read, I expected App Ops to no longer function. From what i can find on the web, it appears to be a well supported fact that google removed the functionality of App Ops for non-root users in 4.4.2. But when I select App Ops Starter, it still comes up. When I click on an app, I can still choose whether to turn certain permissions on and off. Does it work?

    I turned location services on and verified that it was working. I opened three apps that use it: Google Maps, MapQuest, and Yelp. Their location-based functionality worked. I went into App Ops and turned off their access to location services. Google Maps and Yelp still work. But MapQuest doesn't. It is consistently reproducible with MapQuest. If I toggle the permission on or off in App Ops, MapQuest behaves like I'd expect. Yelp and Google Maps seem to to be unaffected by the setting in App Ops.

    I clearly don't trust App Ops on 4.4.2, but this seems really weird to me. I'd like it if it would work though. Any thoughts or possible explanations? Anything else I should try to shed more light on what's going on? Certainly nothing urgent on my side, I'm just interested in why this is happening.

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