1. Venkataraman AP's Avatar
    When attempting to install the OTA update file for 4.4.2 (approximately 50MB as I did not receive 4.4.1 OTA), I get an error message. The *installation progress bar gets to about 20 per cent, then freezes and then I get an error message - android with open stomach icon.

    I do not have a PC & should not have to sideload a zip file or root my phone to access this update. Please advise how this can be remedied in the least obtrusive & most direct manner possible.
    Yet to get 4.4.3 & will I get?
    Thank you.

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    06-13-2014 02:06 AM
  2. jamshed taraporwala's Avatar

    Is your phone rooted by any chance? I was unable to get the OTA update or Kies update as there were some errors and I was originally rooted. So I had to sideload 4.4.2 KK, via Odin v.3.09. I would suggest you download the file via sammobile.com OR any other website that offers the 4.4.2 update file (ensure you download the India version file. Size is approx 1.2 GB)

    If you are unable to do this, your next best option is to go to a Samsung service center and ask them to install the new OS. If your phone is under warranty, they do it for free. Otherwise they charge you a minimal amount. (for warranty remember to carry the bill and warranty copy)

    Hope this was helpful.

    06-13-2014 02:23 AM
  3. Venkataraman AP's Avatar
    Its not rooted & am using Google nexus 4...

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    06-13-2014 06:31 AM

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