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    I have a Galaxy Tab 3 7" tri-band with KitKat build NC6.

    I downloaded PayPal Here 2.1.1 and installed it. It's not compatible, can't see that location service is enabled. I did the same on my sister's identical (except it's black*) GT3 then yesterday PayPal Here got auto updated to 2.2.0 and it works, she sent me $1 using the card swiper.

    On my GT3 the app is still sitting there in the store as installed with the incompatible notice, and PayPal Here still isn't showing up in a search for it. Since it *will* auto update and will work, how can I force it to update to 2.2.0? Since the current release does work, I expect an officially GT3 compatible version to be released soon, maybe. Mine and my sister's GT3's are on Sprint. AT&T has a PayPal Here page listing it as GT3 compatible. (I sent PayPal an e-mail with a link to that page. Perhaps that's spurred their devs to make it work?)

    I've searched but haven't found the latest version to download for sideload, but have found plenty of sites with PayPal 2.2.0 apk in their metatags and claiming APKs that obviously aren't it are it. :P

    This is NOT the regular PayPal app, which has just recently been officially made compatible with the GT3. (I sideloaded the previous "incompatible" version and it worked perfectly.)

    *Perhaps that's the reason...
    07-19-2014 09:08 PM

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