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    Not sure what happened it was great for a few day's ( not rooted)
    It has to be plugged in to start it up, battery states 100 %
    Installed another battery app just too double check it says
    100 % also.
    The battery said full for the last 3 days! ran it through a few movies
    On its own power it still says 100% should be like 25% or so
    I've had this for 6 mths so I kinda know long the battery lasts
    I can't get this sucker past the opening tab 3 8.0
    Reinstalled kk a few times ..,.hard, soft resets only thing left to
    do is back to the store ? Anyone else having the same issue ?
    I'm in Toronto Canada....

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    07-20-2014 10:31 AM

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