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    Anyone with a carrier-branded Android phone might discover an absurd hard-coded link in the "Settings->Sound" section that is actually a link to ridiculously overpriced ringtones.

    On my Australian Telstra mobile, the link opens a page on activefun.telstra.com where you can pay $4.95 for a ringtone...gee guys, thanks, that's swell!
    Or, you know, I can just use any one of the 1,000+ songs in my music folder for free, with no mods, apps, or advanced knowledge...

    I'm sure Telstra stick this link in most of their range of phones, but mine is a Samsung S5 running 4.4.2.

    Anyone know how to remove it?

    (I despise carrier branding like this)

    08-11-2014 06:49 PM

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