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    looking for assistance on making a ringtone using a song I purchased from Google Play. I have done searches but would like specific instructions on how to do this by downloading the song to my desktop. I have both Windows and Mac so either is fine.
    And if there is any other music store where I can purchase songs that are available to me immediately in a music app or Ringtone Maker and similar app that go right into that status and are available to be made into a ringtone without having to involve tethering my phone to a computer. Thanks. I'm on KitKat using a Note 3.

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    09-04-2014 12:12 PM
  2. lizardchest's Avatar
    I've had good luck with using this one on my phone. https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...s.android.free
    It does an "auto-snippet", somehow based on popular snippets of the particular track, but you can also customize which part of the track you want as your ringtone.
    09-04-2014 02:05 PM
  3. convert's Avatar
    hey thanks. Did try that app and my Google Play Music song is not available as an option by itself. I have to download it first to my computer which I have not figured out how to do for whatever reason as usually I'm pretty good with that sort of thing. I downloaded all my iTunes songs from 7 years of Iphones using Kies with no problem.
    My point is that I don't want to have to tether my Note 3 to the computer just to make a song I bought available as a ringtone. I will if I have to, and if someone can tell me how to do that so I figure out what I'm missing. I have both a MacBook and a PC so either option. My MacBook won't run Android transfer software for whatever reason though-I tried, though it did Kies just fine for the iTunes stuff.
    Are there other music purchase options that make a song available as a ringtone without tethering?
    09-07-2014 08:45 AM

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