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    It just started this morning. I don't share the tablet with anyone. It is now doing forced text to speech. It highlights URLs and circles them in some orange border in gmail that I touch the screen to go to and it has to read the da thing to me, as if I can't see it. I've reviewed numerous threads, but it seems that there is not much follow-up to see what the OP did to resolve. I've cleared apps data with the "Clear data" option in settings>General>Application management. I've turned off numerous apps, like google text-to-speech Engine (ver, something called TalkBack (v 3.5.1), I can't disable the Samsung text-to-speech engine (ver 1.0) Thanks Samsung.

    Sometimes I get a popup message to update my text to speech files to better quality when this crap kicks off, I followed the link once, it lead me into samsungs app store, which I never use. I didn't get this thing to user another store when the play store has all that I need.

    I've gone into settings>Device>Accessibility, I know it is this Samsung crap that is active, I've set the speech rate to fastest and it is reading about 3-4 times faster than before now, but I don't want it to read to me at all. In accessibility, there is no way to turn this off

    When I open up ESPN FFL, it tries to reads everything on that screen, this is thoroughly annoying.

    Can this be undone without a factory reset? I just did that after relenting and accepting an android update from Samsung many months back and then android was messed up and terribly slow. I hate setting up everything all over again.

    11-24-2014 10:35 PM
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    Well, it definitely sounds like it's the TalkBack service that's is doing this. If you can't deactivate this in the Accessibility settings (this is an accessibility feature for visually impaired users) then you might have a bug.

    I remember that in the S4 if you installed something that used Accessibility features, like LightFlow, NoLED, etc. (if something needs access to notifications and stuff, then it should appear there) TalkBack would be activated automatically and wouldn't shut up until the app was disabled or uninstalled. Is this your case?
    11-25-2014 09:22 AM
  3. bobn151's Avatar
    Thanks for your reply.

    Yes, I've been in and out of these settings trying to turn it off. Something IS messed up. When I'm in a gmail message, I click on those three stacked dots at the top right (portrait viewing 10 in screen), from the drop down, there is the text "Mute" right below the option "Mark not important.". Since my gmail is now talking to me and I've never wanted it to, I think, sure, mute this crap. I click on the mute, and it deletes the message, takes me back to the message list while the "undo" option remains at the bottom of the page for a few seconds. It deletes every single time I click the "Mute" option.

    I just reluctantly update the gmail app, I don't auto update and I don't default update anymore because words with friends used to be a nice app, after all the popups and annoying interruptions they put into it (and I couldn't restore as couldn't backup as not rooted). The new format gmail app that people complain about still has the "Mute" option that deletes my mail when I select it. I now wish I had the prior version of gmail.

    I've not installed anything new, and I do not lee anything get auto updated (from play store or from the OS firmware auto update). I can't seem to be able to stop the Samsung bloatware software from auto updating.

    I bought this new, I've never rooted (or tried, but I've thought about it just to shutdown some of the always running Samsung garbage.)

    I think the hardware is good, but the lagging that we all experience I blame the bloatware that Samsung has installed into it. This thing now with the endless T2S, I don't know what the.....
    11-26-2014 10:01 PM

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