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    Using 4.4.2 on a Samsung Galaxy Lite

    The icon is not in the apps location. It is nowhere to be found.

    The phone can still receive calls. When answering the phone the screen looks normal...can go to speaker and add calls etc. but when the call ends, all access goes away.

    If I use the voice feature it can stil make a call. I can still use that voice feature to dial verbally number by number...but that only works with wi if or if mobile data is turned on.

    The contact list appears to be intact somewhere in the phone, but there is no more access to the icon that brings up the dialing pads, speaker phone etc.

    The two numbers for which I created shortcuts on the screen still work too. So the contact list and the calling functionalities are still on the phone just the icon is missing.

    How can I restore a functioning phone icon?

    Would a factory reset help as a last resort? Or would the backup repeat the same problem by duplicating the current status?

    Thank you.
    03-15-2015 07:25 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    If the only way you can make a phone call is mobile data or Wifi, your phone app is missing. It makes calls on 2G, which doesn't use Wifi or mobile data. Look in the app drawer (a square or circle with rows of dots, that should be at the bottom of the homepage and doesn't move when you rotate through homepages) for an app named Phone. If you find it, just drag it to the screen, where it should go. Then you should be able to use it to make calls without Wifi or mobile data. (You can also look for an app named Contacts and drag that to the screen too.)

    If not, how you fix the problem depends on the make and model of the phone, and the carrier (and whether the phone is under warranty).
    03-15-2015 07:54 PM
  3. jessie patrick's Avatar
    Inputbutton on my keyboard voice keyboards voice button

    Posted via the Android Central App
    08-05-2015 02:32 PM

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