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    I use Android in my Samsung phone with version 2.3. Now I use moto e with Android 4.4.

    I miss one great feature from Android as it doesn't work great if the basic hardware specs like 128MB RAM and 1GB ROM.

    I would like Android L to have a feature where it customises its functionality after detecting the phone hardware specs. A user graduating from feature phone will not use everything that came with a smartphone but if he/she will expect phone not to lag and battery to last atleast 30hours as Nokia feature phones last battery for more than a day with 3hours of phone talk + 30mins of music + 10SMS sent and 20mins of gaming.

    I would like to see Android L to work with 128MB RAM and battery to last a day with above usage. I hope I'm reasonable in my expectation. The OS can have 3state machines where
    1) Android L = targeted for people upgraded from feature phones who use phones 80% for calls, 15% for music and remaining 5% for email check.
    2) A medium user who checks facebook, skype and whats app in addition to above. His phone should work without lag at 512MB to 1GB RAM
    3) A power user who plays games, HD movie content mirrored to TV via HDMi and etc., He might use same 1GB RAM and rest swapped with SD card capacity (RAM expander)

    In every case above, at the time of update, the OS shall check phone's hardware spec and battery capacity and determines which state machine to choose.

    The stock Android should have built in TV app and support for TV out via HDMI or using micro USB port to send AV signals.

    The menu and home screen should be completely customisable (I use Nova launcher to customise it). But let this be a standard feature in stock android. The OS should detect screen resolution and suggest the best icon size and shape (like preview in windows OS).

    The Android should mandate the user to run firmware upgrade every 10months min to keep it up to date. I'm sick of seeing many Android phones and my samsung Tab can't be upgraded from Android 4.0.

    OTG should be a standard feature. I see it blocked in my moto e.

    Managing SIM contacts (export and import to SIM) should be there.

    When my phone is busy or not reachable I would like the voice mail stored automatically in my google drive along with phone no and time. It should be free.

    For Dual SIM phones, stock android should support both SIMs active with calls can be received from other SIM2 when SIM1 is busy with a active call (through call waiting option)

    There should be a built in app that shows the quantum and direction of radiation emitted by phone to let users to keep it out during their sleep.

    Size of buttons on onscreen QWERTY keyboard can be customised.

    If there is no OS upgrade provided by phone vendor then OS update should root the phone automatically and install the latest OS (the bare minimum). All Android should be supported for a min period of 3years. These days it has become a gimmick in marketing to flood the phones in market where OS can't be upgraded. This requires tweak in core OS architecture.

    All above features are wish to be in stock android and not via 3rd party app.
    09-25-2014 12:14 AM
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    There should be a built in app that shows the quantum and direction of radiation emitted by phone to let users to keep it out during their sleep.
    What? You want a app that shows the direction of the negligible radiation emanating from your phone? The amount coming out is likely to be very close to the same as the amount in the environment around you. Or are you looking for an app that can distinguish between the different types of radiation so you can be sure where the radiation from your phone is going? Most geiger counters are at least the size of a phone. I am not sure how big the sensor is as they obviously will have similar internals to a cell phone (battery, silicone board, processor, ram, and LCD display). Most of those parts can be combined into the already available cell phone components, but you still need the sensors and whatever else is needed to be accurate enough to do what you want.
    09-26-2014 03:30 PM

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