1. daihard2008's Avatar
    Has anyone been able to use the priority interrupt mode successfully with group Hangouts, when only one of the participants is a starred contact and you configure the interrupt mode to let only starred contacts go through? Here is my scenario.

    1) Start a Hangouts with John (my starred contact).
    2) Invite Mary (in contact but not starred).
    3) Enable my interrupt mode (only "starred contacts" get notified).
    4) Mary writes something in the Hangouts session.
    5) John writes something in the Hangouts session.

    Here, I would expect (5) to notify me but not (4). However, in my limited test, I don't get notified by either. Is my understanding about the priority mode incorrect? Or is it a bug?
    11-17-2014 02:27 PM
  2. daihard2008's Avatar
    I think I've figured out what's happening. When you're in the priority mode, only phone calls and SMS messages are filtered according to the criterion you set (i.e. "anyone," "starred contacts only" or "contacts only"). Other applications can only be enabled or disabled, so if I set Hangouts as a priority application, then any hangout message will come through, whether or not the sender is in my starred contact list.

    This is pretty disappointing. I expected to be able to filter Hangouts messages based on my contact preference, if not the third-party apps. After all, Hangouts is Google's default messaging app!
    11-17-2014 03:31 PM

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