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    The google speech bar at the top of the home-screen is a complete joke. Not possible to remove it at all from what I gather. Applies to both the nexus 5 and 7.

    No official silent mode as to have no ringtone/vibration except alarm tones. Their is a workaround but it's a total pi##taker.

    The white background in home menu launcher for apps is terrible. Viewing it is a pain, especially at night with a huge bright white light glowing through even on auto screen balance. It's just plain horrible. Bring back transparency! Or at the very least give us the option to change the theme. (3rd party apps will be needed I guess at some point for flavor)
    <<<< The Nexus 7 lollypop doesn't suffer from this annoyance. It's still a fully fledged black background home launcher with same home button I believe. The rest is the same as the mobile lollypop except to swipe on you must swipe across the length of the tablet this time around instead of across it.

    Widgets work on Nexus 7 lollypop. Unsure if they work on Nexus 5 as wife doesn't use any.

    If she has found any other inconveniences by morning I shall let you know. But currently, she regrets updating and wants kitkat back lool.
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    11-17-2014 06:33 PM

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