1. Ryan Clymer's Avatar
    I flashed a factory image of 5.0 to my nexus 5 and then rooted using CF Auto Root tool he recently release for lollipop. My android wear watch (moto 360 running 4.4w.2) and phone can't seem to find eachother. Has anyone heard of any issues with connecting to a watch while running lollipop? I used a coworkers phone and was able to successfully connect to a rooted nexus 5 running 4.4.4 but still no luck with my phone. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
    11-18-2014 12:16 PM
  2. thecodye's Avatar
    I am having the same problem, except I am not rooted. Moto 360 and nexus 5 w/ lollipop

    Posted via the Android Central App
    11-19-2014 10:59 PM
  3. Rich Fray's Avatar
    I had same issue after upgrading from KK to Lolli.

    Go into settings on the watch and perform a reset. You'll be able to pair again after that.
    11-20-2014 01:49 AM

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