1. bagou01's Avatar
    follow me on this one, i think i found a bug :
    i receive a text message from an unknown sender then decide to add it to my contacts, so, from hangouts, i click the three dots and select "add to contacts".
    i'm now in my contact list, except there is no "new contact" or little cross in red circle or anything....

    the only way i found to create a new contact from receiving a text from unknown number, is to copy past its number then go create a new from the contact app itself....not quite perfect...

    this really seems like some bug doesn't it?
    12-01-2014 11:05 AM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    After pressing menu (three dots) then "add to contacts", you'll be taken to a menu that is sorted alphabetically. At the very top just above the "A's" you'll see the + sign to create a new contact. Click that to add a new contact.

    Let us know if you have further questions.
    12-01-2014 11:23 AM
  3. N4Newbie's Avatar
    Well, for what it is worth...

    I don't care much for Hangouts; I use Evolve SMS as my SMS/MMS app. I long-press a conversation in the list, press the Info button, then View Contact and (in this case) then click Save contact. I am taken to the Contacts app with the New Contact form already open and the mobile telephone number already filled in.

    I think this is what the original poster is expecting but not happening. Whether it is a Hangouts bug or something else, I cannot say.
    12-01-2014 11:57 AM
  4. bagou01's Avatar
    @SRKMAGNUS oh indeed.... it's there... my bad, but i promise i looked long !

    my bad
    12-01-2014 12:01 PM

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