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    Just upgraded to lollipop and the pending notification icons for missed calls, chats, and calendar appointments have disappeared from the status bar. Is there a way to get them back as in the last version? I do not care for the huge banners on the lock screen. Help?
    12-02-2014 04:41 PM
  2. N4Newbie's Avatar
    Which phone/tablet are you using?

    Did you upgrade OTA or manually?

    I manually upgraded a Nexus 5 and I have a Nexus 6 as well. Both show all normal notifications in the normal location.
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    12-02-2014 04:56 PM
  3. tlp1992's Avatar
    Nexus 4 phone.
    Forgive the stupid question but what is OTA?
    I updated when it became available & was notified with a message on my phone.
    12-03-2014 05:20 PM
  4. DLK1's Avatar
    OTA is short for Over the Air.

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    12-03-2014 05:56 PM
  5. brandice75's Avatar
    Some info that might help you out... Go to Settings/Sounds & Notifications/While Locked, choose Show All Content; next go to Application Notifications, all listed Applications default to off, so you only need to address the ones you want back on, Music Player, Messages, Email, Gmail, etc.; under the ones you do not want the "preview" you show on the lock screen, select "Sensitive." This will put the small icon you used to see in the status bar during a lock screen in previous versions of Android Op Systems, but instead of up top, it drops it in a small bar below any notification not set to sensitive. The notifications not set to sensitive, but on priority, give you the preview on the lock screen, like maybe the weather. By showing all content on the lock screen, you get your Music Player controls back. Now the bar that shows the little icons on the lock screen that used to appear in the status bar can be swiped down to get a preview, and swiped back up to be consolidated as the little icons. I know that is still technically unsecured, but it sure beats not having the notifications there at all...
    03-06-2015 10:22 PM

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