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    So I just received 5.0.1 on my n5 and everything seems fine so far (knock on wood) bluetooth connects to my bose speaker, soundbar everything and works fine. But today when I picked up my nexus 7 2013 which had received 5.0.1 about two weeks ago and turned on bluetooth I can not get it to connect to any of my devices.. I have to completely turn the tablet off and on again which sometimes seems like a temporary fix, and sometimes even during the middle of playback it will disconnect randomly and won't connect again.. I have cleared the bluetooth sharing cache and data and restarted my tablet and yes it would sometimes work for a minute then next time I try to connect it won't and have to reboot again.. If my tablet and my phone are running the same software shouldn't both devices be working fine?
    12-18-2014 02:26 PM
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    The update could have gone wrong (the method Google uses to update over the air just begs for errors). Also, the ROMs and updates for the two devices, while the same version of Android, aren't the same code, so one could have a bug and the other one doesn't.

    Since you evidently received the update over the air, take the tab to your carrier (or if it's wifi, contact Google) and ask for a repair or replacement. If they send you an update that causes a problem, they're legally obligated to fix the problem. (Liability is liability, whether it's a bad update or a car accident.)
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    12-18-2014 02:39 PM

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