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    My main Google account comes after my secondary Google account alphabetically.

    Annoyingly, for many apps, including Google apps, it will default to the first account in my list, which is my secondary account. Shouldn't it default to the main one first?

    Recent examples:

    1.) When submitting a feedback email on an app, clicking on Gmail as the method, it starts the email from the secondary account.

    2.) When starting a new app for the first time, in this case, Google Opinion Rewards, it gives me the choice of which account to use to log in, but auto selects the first on the list, which is my secondary account.

    3.) In addition, and this is the annoying part, even though I have selected ONLY Gmail to sync on my secondary account, that account still appears before my main account in Drive, Photos, Google+, Play Music, etc. This is very annoying because the only thing I wanted from that account on this phone was Gmail. I don't want to accidentally put something in the wrong Google Drive, which I never intended to use.

    So it's not a big deal, but seems stupid to me that it doesn't default to main Google account on this phone.

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    12-20-2014 08:00 AM

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