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    Hi Nexus 5 running 5.0.1

    I like to clear cache every now and then , Jerry said in one the latest Pod-casts that it is best to do so with the cell switched off from the Recovery Menu . Okay .... so I tried my luck and could not remember what to do exactly , did a quick search and found the necessary info for the Nexus 5 .
    I reached the recovery menu but when I had to get to the sub-menu from the recovery , press volume-up and power together for +/- 3 seconds and then release the volume-up button whilst still holding the power button , it would not bring up the next menu , instead the cell would power up .........
    So to cut a long story short with a lot of unsuccessful attempts I decided to do a factory reset from the settings menu etc .

    Now this is where things started to get interesting , I have had 5 android devices , have done numerous Firmware up dates both using a computer and OTA etc....
    1)The first different thing I noticed was the when the reset started the word " erasing ... " appeared on the screen for about 5 minutes ,
    2)When the cell reloaded things went along as normal except when the cell was connected to Wi-Fi it did not automatically start upgrading all the Google Apps etc , when I finished setting the cell up I opened the app store and upgraded all the apps,
    3)Now for the most interesting part , different builds for Android , I noticed on my lock screen/message screen , that there was a pulsing circle around the " lock " ... That was NOT there before !!!

    So it would seem that for the same device , Nexus 5 , there is more than 1 build .... this does not make sense to me having different builds for different devices and countries I can understand but having more than one build for the same etc device seems " crazzzzy " .

    Any thoughts ?
    01-09-2015 11:40 AM

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