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    What is this and who is affected, are they making a patch for KitKat? This is what CM Security said can I trust it. And I've heard people having random reboots on their phones lately, is that the virus that takes over your messages, phone, and can factory reset your phone? Please help me here I've read the CM site changed all my passwords but I'm still scared/ worried/ afraid of these viruses and vulnerabilities

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    01-22-2015 12:37 AM
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    now before I say anything i'd like to state that I am not a security expert and that these statements are my opinion. The BroadAnywhere looks to be a method for rooting Devices as cm has mentioned towelroot on some of my device with the same exact message that BroadAnywhere has.. with that in mind most root methods use a system exploit. But if your device is not rooted you at less of a risk of getting a virus then if your are rooted simply because root permissions are not normally accessible on non rooted devices.
    02-12-2015 09:04 AM

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