1. Suhail Bashir's Avatar
    Hello all. I am planning to update my moto g 2013 to the latest 5.0.2 Lolipop. I have already received the notification for the update. My question is that how much extra space do the apps take on ART? I have about 100 apps right now taking up about 2.8 gigs of memory. How much will they take after the Lolipop update?

    Also if anyone has installed the latest update, are there any annoying bugs to look forward to? Also any incompatibility of apps with ART? Please mention
    01-23-2015 12:27 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    My question is that how much extra space do the apps take on ART?
    It depends on the app.

    any incompatibility of apps with ART?
    There's no way to tell in advance, but some simply won't work, or won't work right, in ART. You simply have to convert them one by one, then bang on them to find any new bugs. Some people write software, some write garbage that barely escapes having bugs in Dalvik and if you change one little thing it comes crashing down.
    01-23-2015 02:51 PM
  3. Crashdamage's Avatar
    I've run ART on a Nexus 4, 5 and 7 since it became available as a developer option in KitKat 4.4.4 and of course on a Nexus 6. I don't install as many apps but have had no compatibility or stability issues running them with ART. Fear not.

    Android since v1.0. Linux user since 2001.
    01-23-2015 07:53 PM
  4. Suhail Bashir's Avatar
    I installed the update. I am very happy with the update so far. I noticed one problem so far. That is with 'applock'. I have extensively used this app on 4.4.4 kitkat without any issues. But now after upgrading to 5.0.2, I get a password lock on my settings too even though I have not locked 'Settings' under applock.
    Rest, Im happy so far. Been only about 12 hrs so far with the update. Will post my experience after some more use.
    01-24-2015 11:51 AM

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