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    Nowhere else to put this as there is no ZTE forum but the phone comes with Lollipop. Can a mod please move if appropriate?

    The ZTE Blade S6 is a nice budget device. Compared with the HTC Desire 620, (which is also a new device and has the same size screen) it has a 16GB ROM versus 8; 2GB RAM versus 1; Octacore 64 bit SD615 versus a SD410. Lollipop versus Kitkat. It is smaller, lighter, thinner and makes more use of the 5" by not having any on-screen buttons. The display is better, the cameras are better. No competition, really, and the devices cost exactly the same. The HTC is also laggy which isn't good for a device just released a few weeks ago, and it will probably remain on KitKat forever.

    Z3 Compact...Blade S6...HTC Desire 620

    Additionally, the screen is one of the best 720p LCDs I've seen on a phone, better than the Z3 Compact.

    03-15-2015 06:55 AM

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