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    I posted this question on Google Groups last December but didn't get a solution. Thought I'd try my luck over here.

    I have been using google voice for a couple of years on my android phones. I use it here in Vancouver (Canada) and also when I travel in the US so that my friends have a single, US number to reach me on. Calls to my GV number forward to my canadian cell (604 area code) without a problem.

    up until Lollipop, when I dialed a number using google voice, the screen would display the number i was calling along with the local access number that the phone was dialing along with the text "calling via google voice." that number was a local number here in Vancouver and since I have unlimited Canadian calling, the calls were included in my plan.

    Since my Nexus 5 updated to Lollipop last year, when I call via google voice, there is still the text "calling via google voice" but it no longer displays the number that it is dialing. When I got my phone bill it turned out that google voice was no longer using the local access number and instead was dialing a variety of US numbers to complete my call and I got hit with $60 of international calling. GV was dialing a variety of access numbers that are in New Orleans, Sacramento, and a few other places.

    it used to dial a fixed number that I think depended on the area code of your cell number. I even tried dialing that access number but I get a message stating that my call cannot be completed. If i put my SIM back in my old Galaxy Nexus, the phone works like it used to and calls the local number to place my call through Google Voice so that number is still working here. How does that number know that i'm dialing with Lollipop instead of KitKat?

    What i would like is a way to force GV on 5.1 Lollipop to dial a specific access number, my local access number in this case.

    I guess I can use Hangouts VoIP calling over WiFi or even my cell data but I'm wondering what happened and if there is any way to re-establish the way it used to work.

    any and all thoughts and suggestions would be received gratefully.
    03-21-2015 01:05 AM

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