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    AT&T upgraded my S4 to lollipop last night. Before the upgrade, the lock screen would tell me that I had an alarm set on a certain date at a certain time. That feature is now missing, and I can't figure how to turn it back on. This was with the stock clock app.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how I can turn this back on? Thank you very much!
    04-23-2015 01:04 PM
  2. 0002Nanners2000's Avatar
    I have the same issue with my Verizon S4. Just upgrated to lollipop too, and the notification on the lock screen that normally would show when my next alarm is set to go off is no longer there. Quite frustrating. I look forward to any answer too.
    05-14-2015 08:53 PM
  3. DLK1's Avatar
    You might try clearing the App cache and data.
    05-16-2015 08:39 PM

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