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    I recently got the 5.02 update on an Xperia Z1 and here's what I've found so far-

    memory leak bug fixed by Sony (this was publicly mentioned by Sony as well)
    No Cell Standby battery drain bug (I'm showing an average of only 3% in battery usage settings)
    Faster and smoother than any version of Android I've ever used

    Conversely, it took the most recent 5.1 update to resolve these issues on my Nexus 5 and 7. This is something I've noticed all along from Sony. Their software engineers appear to be really good at optimizing their Android releases. I started out with Jellybean on that phone and was getting better performance on it than others were reporting on KitKat. A lot of people are speculating that the Cell Standby and Memory leak bugs had to be resolved by Google before the OEM's could make a fix patch so this leaves me wondering if that's true because Sony appears to have taken care of it without needing 5.1, just as they addressed a lot of JB and KK issues that others weren't seeing resolved until the final versions of those.

    It's also possible that my update method could also play a role. I always use my PC with a wired USB connection to update, even if it's available OTA. Then I reboot and immediately factory reset. After that I reboot again and uninstall any bloatware and stock apps I don't use that are able to be uninstalled and disable the ones that can't. Reboot again and then use normally.
    05-07-2015 07:32 AM

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