1. claccount's Avatar
    I have a factory set up S4 w/ Verizon.

    Since upgrading to LP - the google voice function disappeared.

    Had to re download/install it.

    Before, it had the option to *ask every time I make a call - which included all local/domestic calls.

    Now it only has options for :

    *only use for international calls
    *do not use google voice
    *ask every time I make international calls

    How can I get the function back to where it has *ask every time I make a call?

    Thanks in advance.
    05-14-2015 11:43 AM
  2. DLK1's Avatar
    I have been looking for a solution to this. When I use "OK Google call Jane Doe" it dials it immediately. I like when it ask OK/Cancel, that way if Google or I made a mistake I will not call the wrong person. I have some contact that are so closely named that it may choose the wrong one sometimes. If you find a solution to this please post it here. Thank you!
    05-14-2015 03:44 PM

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