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    1. Camera button doesn’t work; get message Camera function not available. Sometimes happens on screen as well.

    2. Consumes battery faster; leaving the house for 11 hours with the battery at 100% typically I came home with it at between 25%- 50% battery remaining without charging it. Now it usually almost makes it thru the day but not quite. This WAS one of the huge benefits of the Z3 over the ZR Sony phones.
    3. Consumes internet faster! I’m sure my old settings must have defaulted to something else but I haven’t been able to fix it yet. I’m not talking a little bit – I have a monthly quota I usually stay under. After lollipop downloaded I go thru that in less than 1 day! I have no idea what I’m spending my internet data quota on?

    4. It now requires an extra step to unlock the screen and I haven’t found a way around that. It used to be that I’d hit a button to bring up the pattern screen and I’d trace my pattern and be ready to go. Now it brings up a screen with a clock that I need to be fairly precise how I swipe it and then it takes me to my pattern screen.

    5. I miss my old options on the phone call screen. With Kit kat when I clicked on the phone icon I think I had 4 tabs at the top. One was for contacts, one was for showing recent calls, one was the keyboard (just wanting to punch in a number you see on a sign you haven’t called before or haven’t saved) and one for favorites. Lollipop just has recent calls at the top. When calling someone I haven’t called recently I have to do several extra steps leaving the phone section and opening contacts and calling from there.

    6. Toys/”fun stuff” now take precedence over “important” stuff. I used to be able to glance at my screen and see how many miss calls and text messages I had. Now there are these white “banner add looking things” – sometimes hundreds of them, blocking the screen that is very tedious to get rid of. The banner add looking things are notifications from my non important/non-essential aps such as advrider/tapatak, facebook, weather, notifications from apps I don’t use, like, or even know what they are. I’m thinking one solution for part of the screen mess would be to get rid of tapatak and facebook. I don’t use them that much but I do like having them there for those occasional few downtimes I have. I certainly don’t need any notifications from ADVrider on my phone though; especially at the expense of blocking/hiding text messages.
    It reminds me of the facebook messenger app I had on Kit kat. It definitely wanted to have the premier placement on the screen meaning whatever app I was in, if I got a message via facebook it came to the top and blocked the screen underneath it even when changing screens. I of course deleted the app as in my world facebook messages are not critical or important.
    The issue with lollipop is EVERYTHING is now like facebook messenger where there is almost indirect relationship where the least important/critical app demands the most dominant phone screen real estate.
    A banner informing me the phone is updating an app I wish wasn’t even on my phone blocks a chunk of the screen when getting an incoming phone call for example.

    7. Super difficult to manage “automated phone calls” – such as banking, that require the keypad. Not easy before, but even worse now.

    8. Kit kat had 3 icons at the bottom of the screen. The middle one took you to the home screen, the left had side icon was something like a back/return button and the right had icon showed you a list of recently open apps/any apps I used since I last cleared them.
    That right hand icon in lollipop seems to serve a similar but different function but at least for me it is much more confusing. On kit kat I often have 5 apps open at a time and it was very easy to see those 5 apps and clear anyone I wanted to by hitting that bottom right icon.
    However with Lollipop, I have may have only been using 5 apps but I’ll typically have 50+ tabs when pressing that icon. In trying to figure out why there is 50 instead of the simple 5 I’ve found 1.) instead having one tab for Chrome I have all the sub Chrome tabs as well. 2.) I have tabs for apps I haven’t opened, and don’t know/care about. Things like Google + now has a new update, or Google play is downloading/updating etc.

    So my bottom line questions are:

    1.) Any idea how to get back to Kit Kat?

    2.) If not or it’s too complicated, any simple fixes for any of the 8 beefs I’ve mentioned above?
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    05-19-2015 11:37 PM

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