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    I've just upgraded my unrooted LG G Pro 2(D838) to lollipop. Charging through my car usb adapter is now very slow since I updated. I have tried two chargers, both of which were charging at the full rate before, one of which is a genuine samsung charger and they both have over 2A output. The phone does recognise the charger as an AC charging source, but currently isn't charging above about 200mA.

    I am using a Samsung AC charger at home which works as normal. I've had a bit of a look online and people are experiencing the same issue with the LG and other lollipop devices. One of the suggestions was to short the data pins on the usb cable, which I have done but this doesn't seem to have fixed the issue. If the phone is off it charges at the faster rate.

    What I can't work out is why the charging speed is different beween the samsung AC adapter and the car charger, when it detects both as an AC source? Is there some communication between the two, or are there any car chargers that will provide high speed charging that will work?

    Thanks for the help!
    05-21-2015 11:11 PM

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