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    For about a month I didn't want to update my Galaxy S4 from 4.4 to 5.0.1 because everything worked great, but somehow my evil phone upgraded itself and now many things don't work
    First of all, I can install new apps via "My Files", but if I try to install files from other apps (like ES File Explorer) I get a message saying "Unfortunately, Package installer has stopped" with only an OK button.
    Secondly, I can't seem to connect my phone to my computer via USB. Its a new computer, and the phone was connection previously, but now if I insert a USB the max I can expect is it will be connected for a second and then disconnect (and on a single connection it would turn on/off many times). I can transfer files via WiFi, but can't through USB, even though I tried a few different cables (the phone does show its charging, but not appearing on My Computer) and even re-installing the driver from Samsung didn't help.
    Thirdly, and the most annoying thing, is that I am an app developer. My apps show ads from Google Ad Mob. For some reason, now it takes my apps about 20 seconds to be loaded if it shows ads. The same apps work great on Nexus 5 or Genymotion, but not on my Galaxy S4 (and now I don't know if my apps are problematic or not).
    I tried to go to Setting -> Accounts -> Backup and reset -> Factory data reset, but that didn't help at all.
    Then I deleted my cache using Power Button + Volume + Middle button, but that also didn't help.
    I absolutely don't know what to do. Should I hack my phone and install a new ROM? How long it would take Samsung to publish the new android version (5.1.1)?
    05-22-2015 03:35 AM

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