1. AC Question's Avatar
    Since updating to lollipop 2 months ago my Bluetooth and WiFi connection have become unstable and as I have a pebble watch it just disconnects which is so annoying, when will a fix be released as it is taking too long. My provider an Samsung both say its not their fault but i just want it fixed
    06-17-2015 07:13 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    How you handle this depends on where you live - laws vary. Since there are two manufacturers involved, it's not as simple as "they're your devices, make them work". Ask your provider if you can try a Samsung watch. Then if it doesn't work, it's Samsung's problem. They can pass blame between the phone and the watch departments, but that's not your concern, that's an internal matter they'll have t fight out. They can't blame the provider if their watch doesn't work with their phone using their firmware (and if they approved the changes the provider made to the firmware, it's Samsung's firmware).

    Single-source is always the easiest condition to get fixed, it's "here, they're all yours, so make them work".
    06-17-2015 08:06 PM
  3. chenyuk's Avatar
    I live in the UK and there is nothing wrong with the watch as it works with 2 other samsung phones it is the Lollipop that is the issue and there are loads of same issues on the net, everyone is suggesting ways to resolve but if its in the software as users we can never sort it and have been told a fix is due to be released but nobody will say when.I have factory reset 5 times at great length of time as battery drain was the first main issue. Bluetooth and WiFi everyone's main issues also in sms no text templates can be added as it has disappeared form the menu
    06-18-2015 03:10 AM

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