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    I have Micromax Unite2 A106. I just upgraded latest version of Android 5.0 Lollipop, which is custom build version of Micromax. I am getting many issues with Latest Android 5.0 so i just want to confirm that it's with really issue with Android version or due to customized Micromax Android 5.0 version?

    First, i unable to filter the contacts to display through customize opiton. There are many checkbox options of following the accounts:

    --All Contacts
    -Google Gmail
    --MY Contacts
    --Starred in Android
    --All Other Contacts
    --All Contacts
    --All Contacts
    --All Contacts
    --All Contacts

    But i unable to checked particular option of the Account because there's unable to unchecked all except one. When i uncheck and go for uncheck another option then automatically checked all other options.

    I am very frustrated with it. Please help me and please let me know that it's happening only with my handset or it's android latest 5.0 version issue/bug.

    06-22-2015 06:50 AM

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