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    The Problem:

    1. After an indeterminant amount of time ALL widgets stop updating. All of them. Not manually not automatically. I've tried it with 6 different widgets. The screen registers a click on all of their respective refresh buttons and scroll buttons, but nothing happens to any of them.
    2. Any widget that requires a button to scroll through information (ESPN Scorecenter, NBA Gametime, MLB AtBat {yes, I'm a sports fan}) doesn't work. It just sits there. BUT, it appears to be only a display thing b/c if I scroll, even though the screen stays the same, and I click on a piece of content (like a game score) it will take me to the game score that SHOULD be displaying rather than the one that is stuck on the screen.
    3. Widgets that free scroll (APW Timeline, Calendar, Press), scroll fine but will not update.
    4. As previously mentioned, clicking on content still works...sometim

    es. After a while, on widgets that scroll, the ability to click on content also goes away. They just sit there and let you scroll and nothing else.

    Here's what I've tried as far as troubleshooting

    The only thing that works is rebooting or going into apps and forcing the Google App to stop. When I do it the App way, when I press hoe I see my wall paper while the Google Now launcher restarts and everything is great for a time.

    Here are some other things that I have tried.
    1. Cleared system cache (went into recovery mode etc)
    2. Cleared all cache of all apps (Settings>Storage>Cached Data>Clear Cached Data)
    3. Cleared Cache and Data of each individual app
    4. Tried adding new widgets to home screen, this doesn't work b/c while this bug is present, no widget, no matter where it's from will update. So, you just get an empty box.
    5. Even tried a new launcher (NOVA) No dice.
    6. Wiped phone and started from factory. Didn't work.
    7. Got a brand new N5. Didn't work.

    Here is a list of the widgets that are present:
    • Google Music
    • Stitcher
    • Google Sound Search
    • ESPN ScoreCenter
    • NBA Gametime
    • MLB AtBat
    • APW Timeline
    • Google Calendar
    • Press
    • Thanks in advance.
    07-05-2015 09:27 PM

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