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    My S4 was the best phone I ever had. UNTIL THE L Down-grade.
    Please research your changes before you force them on us.

    My number one reason why I don't like Lollipop is because it is trying to look like iPhone.
    2. NO OPTION TO KEEP KITKAT BLACK BACKGROUND COLORS and avoid Extensive use of white and/or bright pastel screens. Lollipop pastel print with pastel pages makes everything more difficult to read and consumes more battery. Extreme eyesore at night. Please help us out. GIVE US THE OPTION OF THE KITKAT COLOR SCHEME.
    3. Smaller keyboard keys. Can't read mini symbols within white key due to light gray print. Thanks for that. (Kitkat had large white keys with small black legible symbols)
    4. SHORTER BATTERY LIFE. 20 Apps running in the background. They do not close when you turn off the phone as they did in Kitkat. When I call text Service to ask why my phone is getting so hot, they tell me to shut down some of my running apps. REALLY! Same as iPhone.
    5. Calendar doesn't display small event icons as in Kitkat, only a dot. Why did you eliminate that feature?
    6. Orange Text Message Send button (with orange print) too close to message board, easy to accidentally send message.
    7. Reduced contact Emojis from square to small circles. How is that better? Oh, I forgot, that's how it is in iPhones.
    8. Floating tools. Advantages do not out weigh disadvantages. Uses valuable screen space. Impossible to press the w, x and y key in contacts, without hitting the plus button.
    9. Removed many popular printed links to tools in favor of icons that must be learned. Such as edit and groups in contacts.
    10. Bluetooth now disconnects and can not reconnect. Must reboot phone or radio. Never happened with Kitkat.
    11. Was very comfortable NOT having temporary phone contacts in my "Contacts" Group. I stored them in a temporary group that I created. Now lollipop WILL NOT allow you to uncheck "Contacts" as a group. Why must you change things just for the sake of changing them? How is that an improvement? If it were the other way around [as in now I can uncheck contacts as a group], that would be an improvement!
    12. Noticeable slower than Kitkat on my S4.
    13. Time to enter screen unlock reduced from 8 sec. to 2 seconds. FOR WHAT REASON? THIS IS A REAL PAIN. Again I am at a loss for words.
    14. In Kitkat when you press one of your favorite contacts they open to let you choose what you want to do. In the Lollipop down-grade it calls the contact. So what if I wanted to get directions, send a text or something else?
    15. When editing a contacts there used to be a minus sign next to all the phone numbers in the contact so you can delete them. Now you have to tap on the number to get the minus sign to appear. Another step backwards.
    16. This one may be a little difficult to understand. But if you have used the battery gauge in Kitkat, you will definitely notice the difference. Battery useage app in Lollipop shows percentage of battery used. That's normal, BUT the percentage breakdown no longer adds up to 100% unless you are looking at the chart with 0% left. In Kitkat it showed you the percentage breakdown based on what is currently used. No matter how much is used, the breakdown always added up to 100%. That way you were able to accurately tell that the screen is consuming 50% of the battery without taking out a calculator. EXAMPLE; In Lollipop you look at the chart with 90% left. The percentage of screen useage will probably show 2%. In this case the screen did not use 2% of the battery it used 2% of its estamated total capacity. In KitKat, it shows the percentage each item used of the 10% battery consumed.
    17. Ringtone volume defaulting to 10% after receiving a call, even though I have set it to 90%. Now every time I receive a call, I have to go into setting and reset the Ringtone volume. PROBLEM FIXED: had to turn off INCREASE VOLUME IN POCKET. Apparently that doesn't work anymore.

    The longer I have lollipop the more I hate it. If I am unable to find a new Samsung phone with Kitkat, then instead of getting Lollipop the iPhone copycat, want a be... I MAY AS WELL GET THE REAL THING, an iPhone. I have seen many people switching from Android to iPhone. I don't know anyone who switched from iPhone to Android. GOOD JOB GOOGLE, YOU JUST HELPED APPLE STOCK GO UP A LITTLE MORE. Keep up the good work.

    1. Added comma to keyboard.
    2. OPTIONAL Dark pastel desktop folder colors, including individual mini icons visible within displayed folder.
    3. Smaller, functional flashlight icon.
    4. Mixed feelings on floating buttons. They take up valuable screen space.
    5. Press and hold to delete text messages.
    6. Got rid of Swype to call or text in contacts and recent calls.
    7. Added an X to close running apps in addition to swipe to close.
    8. Still looking...
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    07-22-2015 05:13 AM

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