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    I have an LG Spirit with Android 5.0.1

    I set a one off alarm with no repeat but set with snooze for 10 mins.

    Quite often the alarm will sound as normal and I hit snooze but the alarm doesn't sound again. Sometimes the alarm doesn't sound at all.

    On all occasions the alarm clock snooze notification icon is in the status bar suggested the alarm is snoozed, however the alarm never sounds again.

    I have read this may be caused by "OK Google" however I do not have this set for any screen, just for "from the app". I have no app killer installed.

    An alarm that doesn't go off would be bad, but one that sometimes doesn't' go off is worse than useless and as this is my only alarm so is a real problem.

    Any help gratefully received!

    09-01-2015 03:52 AM

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